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Stastitical Data Analysis using SPSS

SPSS is a powerful statistical application package that is particularly useful for the analysis of data allowing it to be used to analyze data from various disciplines.

The course will consist of an introduction to basic statistical ideas, and the step by step process of data analysis using SPSS.
The course is mainly designed for those who need to analyze data as part of their work or as the basis for their education or research.

Course Content

  • Overview of Research Methodology and Introduction to SPSS 20
  • Prepare and enter data into SPSS
  • Statistical techniques for analyzing quantitative and qualitative data
  • Select cases/subsamples, Split File, Merge Cases/files, Creating New Variable (compute functions), Re-code, Visual bining, Data and Time Transformations, OLAP Cubes and Tables.
  • Missing Data Analysis module.
  • Statistical procedures such as Descriptive Statistics, Frequencies, Cross Tabulation, Pearson ChiSquare, Compare Means, Exploratory Statistics, Independent Samples T-test, Mann-Whitney Test, Correlation and NOVA
  • Create and edit Pivot Tables
  • Use SPSS to work with Graphs (Bar, Pie, Line) and Exporting Graphs
  • Import data from external sources, e.g. Excel worksheets and Access database tables
  • Correlation, Regression, Classification trees, Forecasting, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis and Discriminant Analysis