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Money Management in Kenya – research paper

The Nairobi Stock Exchange, Its History, Organization and Role in the Kenyan Economy -essay

The Kenyan Supervisor and His Attitudes – term paper

A Comparative Analysis of the Little Merles and Mishap Approaches to Measuring Social Costs and Benefits in Kenya – research proposal

The Development of Small Scale Businesses in Kenya – research paper

Financing in Kenya – term paper

Capital Investment Appraisal, Technique and Publicity Finances Investment Project in the Private Sector in Kenya – research proposal

Development of Personnel and Industrial Relations in Kenya- research proposal

Employment Relations In Particular Firms in Kenya- research proposal

Business Simulation Game for East Africa – research proposal

Farm Planning in Kenya– research paper

Kenya’s labour force – research paper

A Study of the Problems of Workers Participation in Management: The Kenya Case- research proposal

Industrial Relations and Personnel Management in Kenya- research proposal

The Life Expectancy of Life Insurance Firms in Use of the Current Actuarial Tables in Kenya- research proposal

Kenya’s Exports to Neighbouring Countries: A Critical Analysis- research proposal

Portfolio Holding Of Insurance Companies in Kenya- research proposal

Funds Flow Statements and User Needs in Kenya- research proposal

Inflation Accounting and Present Company Financial Reporting In Kenya- research proposal

Management of Accounts Receivable– term paper

Cash Balance Management of Firms– term paper

A Study of the Problems of Budgeting and Motivation at the Supervisory Level in Manufacturing Firms In Kenya – research proposal

Decision-Making in Food Markets in Kenya with Special Reference to Maize and Sugar- research proposal

The Development of Accounting Profession and Its Application in Kenya – research proposal

The Concept of Social Responsibility in Kenya- research proposal

An analysis of Kenyan Commercial Banks – research proposal

The Impact of Inflation on the Measurement of Income of Firms in Kenya – research paper

Research proposal: Export Marketing Research for Africa: The Kenyan Experience– research paper

A Study of the Problems Facing Small Businesses in Kenya – research paper

Trade Union Organization in Kenya– research paper

The Performance of Kenya Breweries Ltd. Since Inception.  A Marketing and Financial Analysis

A Study of the Marketing of Agricultural Products by Roadside Traders (Hawkers) In Nairobi

The Operations of Trade Unionism in Kenya- research proposal

The Impact of Kenya Railways Supervisory Training Programme on Supervisors’ Managerial Skills- research proposal

An Application of the Transportation Models to the Kenya Breweries Ltd. Transportation and Distribution Network- research proposal

The Management of Public Enterprises in Kenya- research proposal

Need and Scope for Accounting Information Disclosure in Collective Bargaining In Kenya

The Role of Caps in Estate Planning In Kenya- research proposal

Manpower Planning In an Organization: A Case Study of Manpower Planning In the Nairobi City Council – research proposal

Standard Costing Practices of Kenyan Manufacturing Firms- research proposal

Financial Management in Kenyan Parastatals- research proposal

Management Consultancy in Kenya- research proposal

On Controlling the Variability in the Manufacturing Process (Cement) At E.A. Portland cement Factory, Athi River- research proposal

The Prospects of Export Marketing In the Middle East for Kenyan Exporters– research paper

The Management of National Parks in Kenya: Case Study of Nairobi National Park– research paper

The Role of the Accountant in Assisting the Small Business Client in Solving His Financial Problems: A Survey of the Kenyan Situation– research paper

Manpower Planning In an Organization– research paper

Training Methods and Techniques in an Organization: A Case Study of Kenya Commercial Bank– research paper

Advertising Agencies in Kenya: Their Nature and Operations– research paper

A Study of the Causes of Failure of SME’s– research paper

Employing Trained Personnel for Improved Job Satisfaction: A Case Study of Kenya Civil Service– research paper

Statistical Forecasting As a Method of Management and Control of Inventory in Kenya– research paper

Financial Standards: An Analysis of the Financial Standards Selecting Process in Kenya – research paper

Financing Local Authorities in Kenya: A Case Study of Meru Municipality – research proposal

Employee Performance Appraisal at the Teachers Service Commission – research proposal

A Study of Manufacturers’ Attitudes toward Government Price Controls and Their Administration in Kenya.  The Case Of Nairobi – research proposal

A Study Of The Agricultural Marketing Societies In Kenya.  An Analysis Of Their Roles, Activities And An Evaluation Of Their Performance – research proposal

Prediction Of Loan Default in Kenya – research proposal

Corporate Strategic Planning: A Survey Of Its Practice In Some Selected Kenyan Companies – research proposal

Improving Managerial Communication: A Case Study Of The Ministry Of Finance, Kenya – research proposal

Employer’s Accounting For The Cost Of Pension Schemes In Kenya – research proposal

The Magnitude And Causes Of Corporate Failures In Kenya – research proposal

A Study Of Management Consultancy As A Strategy For Transferring Western Management Technology To Kenya Organizations – research proposal

Life Assurance In Kenya – research proposal

The Marketing Of Kenya’s Tourist Attraction – research proposal

The Case For Human Resource Accounting In Kenya – research proposal

A Dynamic Programming Approach To Production And Inventory Costs Control – The Case Of Tusker Lager, Manufactured By Kenya Breweries Ltd. At Tusker Brewery, Nairobi. – research proposal

A Queuing Model Approach Towards Solving Problems Of Congestion In Kenya Post Offices – The Case Study Of The General Post Office, Nairobi – research proposal

An Investigation Of Factors That Influence Motor Insurance Premium In Kenya  – research proposal

An Investigation Into Attitudes Towards Risk Among Males And Females: A Laboratory Experiment – research proposal

Perceived Quality Of Service: The Case Of Kenya Airways – research proposal

Adoption Of The Marketing Concept: The Case Of The Kenya Financial Institutions – research proposal

Advertising Timing Strategy: The Practice In Kenya – research proposal

The Adequacy Of Life Assurance In Kenya – essay

The Budgetary Allocation Process In Public Sector Institutions in Kenya – essay

An Assessment Of The Impact Of Foreign Exchange Fluctuations On Projects Partly Funded Through Foreign Currency Denominated Loans – essay

The Sufficiency Of Workmen’s Compensation Practice In Kenya; The Case Of Compensation Amounts Awarded And The Time Taken For Settlement – essay

Management Of Foreign Exchange Reserves Turn Quantitative Controls: The Kenyan Experience – essay

Some Factors That Influence The Capital Structures Of Public Companies In Kenya – essay

The Dividend Practices Of Publicly Quoted Companies In Of Kenya. – essay

Marketing Of Insurance Services – essay

Perceived Quality Of Port Services: The Case Of Kenya Ports Authority – essay

Societal Marketing Concept in Kenya  – essay

Leasing In Kenya: Magnitude And Accounting Treatment – essay

Evaluation Of Maize Distribution By The National Cereals And Produce Board: The Case Of Nairobi Depot – essay

The Relationship Between The Use Of Strategic Marketing And Bank Performance In Kenya – essay

A Study Of The Operations Of The Kenya Motor Insurance Pool – essay

A Survey Of How Management Consultancy Firms In Kenya Market Their Services – essay

Sources Of Finance Of Nairobi Based Jua Kali Business Firms – essay

An Empirical Investigation Into The Risk-Return Relationship Among Kenya Public Quoted Companies – essay

Determinants Of Performance Of Entrepreneurs In Jua Kali Sector: The Case Of Nairobi

Analysis Of Mba Management Projects in Kenya – essay

A Comparative Study Of The Perceptions Of Bank Customers And Bank Management Of The Importance Of Retail Commercial Banking Attributes – essay

The Physical Distribution Problems Facing Nairobi City Center Open-Air Vegetable & Fruit Sellers – essay

An Investment Of The Family Purchasing Decision Making Process – essay

A Structure Growth Of The Banking Industry In Kenya – term paper

An Investigation Of Market Share Analysis Among Target Medium Scale Privately Owned Manufacture Firms Located Within The Nairobi Area – term paper

Forecasting Std On Enrolment Using Marker Chain Process: A Case Of Nakuru Municipality  – term paper

Predictive Ability Of Selected Asset Pricing Models On The NSE – term paper

A Relationship Between Advertising Expenditure Sales Volume For Selected Kenyan Products

Forecasting Asset Requirements In Publicly Quoted Companies. – term paper

Association between Extraordinary Items and Stock Prices and the Use of Extraordinary Items to Smooth Income in Publicly Quoted Companies in Kenya – term paper